Learn the Essentials of
Interface Design in Just 7 Days

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A beginner-friendly intro to interface design

Over the next seven days, we'll cover interface design basics and develop a strong foundation to build outstanding digital products.

By the end of the UI Supercharger email course, you will learn the best practices and time-tested workflows you can apply to your projects immediately.

No previous experience? No problem!

You don't need any previous experience, fancy software, or technical know-how to complete this course - just an open mind!

In these seven days, we will cover

Day 1

How to Develop an Eye for Design?

Day 2

Mastering Color Selection

Day 3

Working with Negative Space

Day 4

Combining Text, Elements and Images

Day 5

Mobile First Approach to Design

Day 6

Creating Depth in Interface Design

Day 7

Developing Soft Skills

Begin your journey!

Learn at your own pace and expand your understanding with homework at the end of each lesson

Hey, I’m Denis

I’m a product designer from Bulgaria, currently reshaping the talent landscape at Toptal.

I spent the last eight years crafting the skills that helped me land clients such as BMW and Samsung and created products used by millions of people.

Lately, I’ve noticed something.

Everybody talks about users, but nobody talks about how to create delightful visual experiences for them.

That’s why I created this free course to share what I learned on this journey as a designer.

This is for you if...

You have the desire to advance, yet you can’t pass the gate-keepers

You lack confidence in your design solutions

You have difficulties keeping up with the constant influx of trends

You are struggling to understand basic interface design concepts

You want to make interface design into a career, not a side-hobby

You are a Junior to Mid-Level Designer wanting to sharpen your skills and advance in your career

learn ui design

The level of detail, expertise, theory, and genuine craftsmanship that has gone into this course is incredible. It's well worth the investment and more.

Sesan Osanyinbi

Denis has been my mentor for the past 8 months. He is not only a talented product designer but also has a passion for teaching. He has shared with me many invaluable insights about the field and motivated me to keep going.

Neda Valcheva
Designer @TikTok

Level Up Your Interface
Design Career in Just 7 Days

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